We empower business communities
 make the transition to a 
low-carbon sustainable future

We empower business communities to make the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future

Our Story

Solgrid is an Irish-owned company working with businesses to provide advice, support and solutions empowering the transition to a low carbon future.

Located in Galway, our team has over twenty years’ experience in networks, technology, systems, and project management to deliver energy efficiency and cost savings for your business.

Solgrid will get you there faster!

Our Approach

Solgrid engages with companies to analyse the impact of new trends, manage challenges and maximise economic opportunities associated with renewable energy for the benefit of their operations.

We work in partnership with client companies to reduce their carbon footprint while they continue to manage their existing business and assets efficiently and effectively.

Solgrid takes a multi-step approach to develop a roadmap through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your business to prosper in a net-zero world

Our Services

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Energy Advisory Services

We analyse the impact of new trends, managing challenges, and maximising economic opportunities associated with renewable energy for the benefit of your operations. 

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Solution Design

There are many renewable energy solutions available. Solgrid will work with you to tailor the solution best suited to your business needs.

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Energy Integration

We provide state-of-the-art services to ensure that continuous improvements are leveraged from energy management systems.

Key Benefits

For a cleaner and more profitable energy future

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Cost Efficiency

Powerful Return on Investment. We will help you to identify opportunities for cost savings in your business.

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Green Business Credentials

Prepare your brand for a sustainable future. Attract eco-conscious consumers and be ready for business in the new economy.

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Gain Control

By reducing your energy usage, you’ll ultimately save on resources and costs which will improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

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Reduce your dependence through the use of renewable technologies.

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Generate New Business

Studies show that businesses who place a value on the environment acquire higher consumer attraction and lasting loyalty.

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Future Proof Your Business

Being proactive in establishing a “green” business will help improve your brand image and attract the ever-growing market of environmentally minded consumers.

Our Accreditations

Solgrid operates in an ever-changing and technically complex industry that demands the highest standards, which is why accreditations are of paramount importance. This commitment drives our own advancement, meaning we are constantly seeking new ways to improve.

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