Solgrid Sustainable Energy

Case Study: Mullagh Community Centre

Customer Objective

The Centre acts as a focus for the local community and is crucial in the social, educational, cultural and recreational life of the area.

A large range of fantastic facilities are available all year round to include a sports hall, function room, meeting rooms, kitchen, state of the art playground, 1km walking track, gym and off road car park.

To secure the facilities future from the inevitable rise in energy costs, while significantly lowering their electricity bills and importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of the building, the management team made a decision to invest in Solar PV. They approached Solgrid to design and deliver a bespoke PV Solar project to meet their specific requirements.

Our team designed and delivered an excellent solution with a short payback period, enabling the Centre to save money from the moment it was switched on.


Project Goals

Reduce their operational costs..
Become self-sufficient in their energy consumption.
Reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Project Benefits

Reduced Electricity spend by more than 35%.
New source of income for the next 30 years.
Reduced CO2 by 4,946kg/pa.

Services Provided

Energy Advisory

The Solgrid team worked hard to deliver a bespoke solution that would reduced the centre’s running costs and showcase the potential of renewable technology to the local community.

Design Solution

The made-to-measure eco-friendly design consists of 44 Q-Cells Tier-1 Business Class PV Solar panels, arranged in two separate strips across a 84m2 corrugated roof, generating 17.6 kWp. The system is expected to generate up to 14,242 kWh/pa of clean renewable energy for the next 30 years .

Energy Integration

The Centre can now generate its own electricity and become self-sufficient. This move not only reduces the Centre's dependence on traditional energy sources but also sets an inspiring example for the local community. It is expected the solar array will reduce the centre’s electricity bill by 35% All surplus energy generated will be exported to the grid with projected export payments over the next 25 years estimated to earn €29,657

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