Solgrid Sustainable Energy

Case Study: The Galway Plaza


Customer Objective

In 2016, Pat Mc Donnagh founder of Supermacs and The Plaza Group, launched the companies Glan agus Glas sustainability initiative. Focusing on energy reduction, water conservation and waste reduction. Seven years on the group continues to deliver on a range of environmental and economic improvements.

Solar PV was the next step in there sustainability journey and they approached Solgrid to design and install a bespoke Solar PV system that would further reduce their carbon footprint.

It was business as usual at the Plaza as Solgrid ensured there was no operational downtime and all the company’s requirements were met to the highest standards.

Supermacs Plaza 10

Project Goals

• Develop more sustainable business processes.
Reduce CO2 emissions.
• Reduce their operational costs

Project Benefits

Reduced CO2 by 36,173 kg/pa
Reduced Electricity spend by 10%
• System payback under 4.5 years.

Services Provided

Energy Advisory

From the initial energy yield assessment to the final commissioning of the system, Solgrid managed the entire process of designing and installing the solar array.

Design Solution

A tailor-made Solar PV solution to match the service stations electricical requirements and optimise their return on investment. Careful planning was required as the Solar PV roof mounted system encompassed two different roof mounting solutions across the main building roof and the forecourt canopy. Spanning across two roofs of the the main building, Solgrid Engineers designed and installed a 64kWp Solar PV ballast roof mounted system. Further to this a 54kWp Trapezoidal roof monted system with installed on the significant forecourt canopy. The combined 118kWp system maximises the entire roof top surface of the Plaza The installation consisted of 271 Q-Cells Tier-1 business class panels with the market’s highest efficiency rating in excess of 21.3 %. It is estimated that the system will produce approximately 94,568kW hours of renewable electricity per annum for the next 30 years, which represents approximately 10% of the company's overall annual usage.

Energy Integration

This impressive Solar PV system has reduced the Galway Plaza’s CO2 emissions by 36 metric tonne per annum and is a testament to the belief that small steps over time equal big strides. This will significantly improve the company’s carbon footprint helping to ensure they are operating in a more sustainable way, reducing their impact on the environment and enhancing The Plaza Groups green business credentials.

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