Solgrid Sustainable Energy

Case Study: Duniry Farm

Customer Objective

Just outside the small village of Duniry is a mixed drystock farm owned and managed by the Hodgins Family.


Ambrose Hodgins, the farm’s owner, was keen to find a way to reduce both bills and the farms environmental Impact.


Ambrose looked into his renewable energy options, eventually deciding that a roof-mounted solar array would best suit his farm’s needs, being a low-risk investment with a guaranteed 30-year reduction in his electrical spend.



Project Goals

  • Reduce the operational costs.
  • Lower their carbon emmissions.
  • Become self- sufficient in their energy production.

Project Benefits

  • Reduced CO2 by 1,900kg pa.
  • Reduced Electricity spend by more than 31%.
  • Supplementary grid payment for surplus energy.

“Solgrid were very flexible in their approach to our farm solar install. They gave me sound, reliable advice which I knew I could trust and really helped us make our decision. They always kept me up to date about the progress of the installation. The job itself was quick and efficient. They were very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

Given how much our electricity prices have risen in recent years, I am delighted to have a solar system installed that will save on these bills and protect the farm against future price increases. I would easily recommend Solgrid to others and I’d know they are in good hands.”

Ambrose Hodgins - Farm Owner

Services Provided

Energy Advisory

Having studied the electricity usage of the farm and adjacent farmhouse Solgrid completed a financial appraisal of the project. Solgrid designed an installation to match the farm’s electricity requirements and optimise the return on investment.

Design Solutions

Solgrid provided a turnkey service for the project, completing all the works from the initial energy yield assessments through to the design and installation of the solar array, before finally commissioning the system. The system is expected to generate up to 8,000 kWh/pa of clean renewable energy for the next 30 years. The made-to-measure system consists of 16 Q-Cells Tier-1 Business Class PV Solar panels, arranged in one strip across the corrugated galvanise roof generating 5.68 kWp. The system is expected to generate up to 4.803 kWh/pa of clean renewable energy for the next 30 years

Energy Intergration

Solgrid's team of highly skilled Engineers, Electricians and Health & Safety specialists delivered on all of the Centre's projects objective. The installed the PV Solar system in less than two days. It is expected the solar array will reduce the annual farm electricity bill by 31%. All surplus energy generated will be exported to the grid with projected export payments over the next 25 years estimated to earn €27,450. Furthermore, the farm has reduced their carbon footprint by actively reducing its CO2 emissions to 1.9 metric tonne per annum.