Solgrid Sustainable Energy
We help our customers to green their energy supply through renewable energy integration

Energy Advisory Services

Solgrid advises companies on analysing the impact of new trends, managing challenges, and maximising economic opportunities associated with renewable energy for the benefit of their operations.

We help our customers to green their energy supply through renewable energy integration, unlocking opportunities for additional revenue through onsite generation and demand response programmes.

Our target for all our customers is to reduce energy costs and generate revenue opportunities through the strategic management of energy assets.

We work in partnership with client companies to reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to manage their existing business and assets efficiently and effectively.

Our team brings experience, expertise, and a deep understanding of energy management and energy efficiency and are trained to industry standards.

Client Engagement

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Firstly, we help you determine:

Business Risk & Opportunity Assessment

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Energy Auditing - We use a range of tools to analyse energy consumption and energy costs associated with equipment and systems across all sectors.

Our energy auditing services include:

Energy Monitoring & Reporting

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Solgrid deploys state-of-the-art monitoring solutions for customers to visualise and analyse real-time energy usage across their entire operation be that one site or multiple sites.

Data available to the customer includes in-depth analysis of their energy consumption and trends.

Solgrid will get you there faster!