Solgrid Sustainable Energy

Delivering energy efficiency and cost savings for your business through Solar PV Renewable Solutions.

Why should my business consider commercial solar?

Solar is more important now than ever, companies with high sustainability ratings consistently outperform the market in both the medium and long term. Commercial solar is a proven solution for many businesses offsetting current operating costs and reducing future electricity costs.

How much will I save?

Saving can be considerable, businesses can get around 30% of their electricity needs from solar panels which can mean savings as high as 35-40% on bills.

Are there grants available?

Yes, there are. Small and Medium business grants exist through SEAI.

Accelerated Capital Allowances:

The ACA is a tax incentive aimed at companies paying corporation tax, sole-traders and non-corporates. The scheme allows them to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the first year of purpose. Solar PV systems can qualify for the scheme provided the model of solar panel is registered on the Triple E Register.

Grants via EXEED:

The Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) programme offers grant support to business and industry for energy improvements and can encompass grant support for solar PV systems. More detail can be found on the EXEED webpage.

How can I get a quote?

All we require to quote you, is a copy of the previous 12 months ESB bills, your Eircode, and a 5 minute chat on the phone. Our dedicated team of Solar PV engineers and designers will create a made to measure system to reduce your businesses running costs.

Learn more about how we work by watching this recap on our recent project with TopForm

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Companies are increasingly looking for alternative energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint and lower costs.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels capture sunlight and convert this energy into electricity which can then be distributed locally onsite or channelled back into the grid. At Solgrid, we leverage this exciting technology to help companies achieve their stated energy objectives.

As Solar PV installers based in Galway, we support businesses nationwide to understand their requirements and offer advice on the most effective implementation to achieve an optimal output. Using a partner-led approach, we work with clients to deliver energy efficiency and cost savings for their businesses.

Recent projects

“Solgrid for me were the complete package of knowledge, quality, and support that I needed. A solar installation of our size was going to be disruptive, but the thing that impressed me most about Solgrid was the professionalism of the people who installed our system. We found them extraordinarily easy to work with.”
Paul Glynn
Managing Director, TopForm

Solar PV Services

Client Deep Dive

Understanding the motivation for your transition to using solar PV panels will help us perform our due diligence and ultimately ascertain whether your expectations are likely to be met.

Before we begin the process of delivering an energy-efficient sustainable model, we need to learn how your business energy ecosystem currently works and deliver a roadmap to help you reach your goals.

Energy Consultation

The energy landscape is constantly evolving. New Government legislation linked with Ireland’s commitment to achieving sustainability goals will continue to influence many companies’ energy consumption.

Advances in technology will continue to inform and influence our relationship with solar panels. Solgrid continues to monitor new trends, observe market challenges, and maximise economic opportunities associated with solar energy for the benefit of your organisation.

Solution Design

Solar PV panels for Industry or Agricultural installation - We work closely with you to understand which solar solutions work for your specific use.

Our knowledgeable team of experts have a deep understanding of energy management with a rich and varied experience of solar PV installation and reporting.

Energy Integration

We provide state-of-the-art services to ensure that continuous improvements are leveraged from energy management systems.

Real-time tracking and analytics can demonstrate the tangible benefits of solar panels. It also helps businesses with forward planning and increases awareness of optimal energy usage.

Key Benefits

for your Business using Solar PV Renewable Solutions

Cost Efficiency

Alleviate sunken costs and identify greater returns on investment through effective solar energy management.

Green Business Credentials

Demonstrate your green-clean credentials through the adoption of solar PV panels, making your business standout as energy efficient and help generate new business.

Be Energy Responsible

Have more influence over where your energy comes from and no longer become influenced by fluctuating prices due to market or geopolitical issues.

Reduce Dependency

Integrating alternative sources of energy from solar PV can reduce your dependency on other traditional streams, helping to reduce your overall risk.