Solgrid Sustainable Energy

Case Study: Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre

Customer Objective

Located deep in the heartlands of south Galway, Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre is a focal point for the local region.

The facility is used all year round by people of all ages for a wide range of youth projects, sporting and recreational activities.

The Centre is managed by a forward thinking group of volunteers who wanted to lead by example, showcasing the potential of renewable energy technologies to the local community.

Solgrid working in partnership with Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre

Project Goals

  • Reduce the operational costs
  • Become self sufficient in their energy consumption.
  • Generate a new revenue stream for the Centre

Project Benefits

  • Reduced Electricity spend by more than 50%
  • New source of revenue for the next 30 years.
  • Reduced CO2 by 2,774 kg/pa

"I would definitely recommend communities to consider solar. Electricity and insurance bills are the most expensive bills you will get throughout the year. You cannot do anything on the insurance, but you can do something about your electricity."

“Solgrid handled the installation and the project 110%, very professional! I actually just handed them over the information from the ESB bills and they came up with a proposal, drew up the plans and handled all the technical details. We made an appointment to meet here on site, decided where all the equipment was going to go and apart from that I really had nothing much more to do with it.”

Michael Hardiman, Chairman - Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre

Services Provided

Energy Advisory

The Solgrid team designed and delivered an excellent solution with a short payback period, enabling the Centre to save money from the moment it was switched on.

Design Solutions

The Solgrid team designed a bespoke solution to reduce the Centre's running costs, create a new source of revenue, and maximise the building’s sustainability credentials. They delivered a solution which will showcase the potential of renewable technology to the wider local community. The made-to-measure system consists of 24 Q-Cells Tier-1 Business Class PV Solar panels, arranged into two separate arrays generating 9.6 kWp. The system is expected to generate up to 8,000 kWh/pa of clean renewable energy for the next 30 years .

Energy Intergration

Solgrid's team of highly skilled Engineers, Electricians and Health & Safety specialists delivered on all of the Centre's projects objective. The installed the PV Solar system in less than two days.

Members of the Solgrid team and Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre with a solar pv panel.
Solar PV 3D plans for Leitrim Ballydugan Community Centre