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Case Study: Wildlands

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Customer Objective

Wildlands located on the west coast of Ireland, takes great pride in its stunning location and is committed to enhancing its environmental practices.

Committed to progressing their environmental sustainability efforts, the company reached out to Solgrid, a local solar supplier, to design and install a custom Solar PV system and achieve their key sustainability objective.

Solgrid took the reins of the project, ensuring that all of the company’s requirements were met to the highest standards, without any operational downtime.


Project Goals

• Develop more sustainable business processes.
Reduce CO2 emissions.
• Reduce their operational costs

Project Benefits

Reduced CO2 by 16,439 kg/pa
Reduced Electricity spend by 26%
System payback under 4.7 years.

Learn more about how Wildland's is achieving a 26% reduction in energy costs

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"It was important that any installation company that we used were a reputable company, and also that there would be no downtime to our business during the installation period.

Solgrid came on site, they were very professional, they worked quickly and efficiently and quietly on our roof, meanwhile the business continued as normal. To be honest, we hardly noticed they were there.

They applied the highest of care, safety standards while they were here installing. It's something that's extremely important to us and it really generated confidence in us when we saw that they were at that level of professionalism."

Faye Bohan, Co-owner and Director

Services Provided

Energy Advisory

Solgrid completing an initial energy yield assessment through to the design and installation of the solar array, before finally commissioning the system.

Design Solutions

Spanning across a third of the the main buildings roof, Solgrid Engineers designed and installed a 58.80kWp Solar PV roof mounted system. The installation consisted of 120 Q-Cells Tier-1 business class panels with the market’s highest efficiency rating in excess of 21.3 %. It is estimated that the system will produce approximately 50,140kW hours of renewable electricity per annum for the next 30 years, which represents approximately 26% of the company's overall annual usage.

Energy Integration

Solgrid's in-house team of skilled engineers, electricians, and health & safety specialists worked alongside the Project Team to manage the efficient installation from start to finish. By providing a world-class turnkey solution, Solgrid was able to deliver the project on time and within budget, ensuring client satisfaction