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5 Reasons to Consider Solar Panels for your Business

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This summer has seen soaring temperatures reached across Europe. Ireland, often an outlier with our own temperamental weather conditions, has enjoyed climate conditions more associated with the mediterranean.

While the immediate benefits of this spell of weather can be enjoyed by all, companies leveraging solar technology have been among the greatest benefactors. There are already a number of business grants and supports in place to facilitate the switch to solar. 

The Government of Ireland has subscribed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – a collection of globally agreed sustainability goals that will shape and influence the behaviours of companies, especially around their energy consumption and production.

At Solgrid, we believe solar will feature prominently in many companies’ energy ecosystem – solar PV panels a key component of this greener, cleaner future. Outlined below are 5 key reasons why your business should consider solar panels today:

Good for the Environment

Installation of commercial solar panels can help your business reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

As an estimate, a commercial installation of a 100kWp Solar PV array panel can generate up to 100,000KWh of solar electricity per annum, saving 60,000kg (60 tonnes) of CO2 on an annual basis. For reference, this is equivalent to 10 passenger vehicles driven for 1 year.

Can use Underutilised Land

As a country, Ireland has swathes of land that are currently underutilised or that can be more effectively used. Adoption of solar technology, whether through solar farms (TAMS 3) or something less expansive, can increase the value of the land. This, coupled with the direct benefits of solar and financial support now available, make the transition to solar energy not only practical but cost effective too.

Improves Grid Security

Solar installations can improve your energy independence. Fears and concerns around power cuts or issues with the supply grid are reduced. Lowering dependence on traditional energy channels and diversifying into solar can protect your business in the future.

Lower Energy Costs

There is an initial outlay cost, but businesses can quickly recoup those costs and generate a return on investment in as little as three to four years. How quickly those gains are realised depends on a number of factors. For example, energy captured can be distributed locally onsite, helping reduce overheads, or alternatively channelled back into the grid.

At Solgrid, we can help identify opportunities for cost savings in your business.

Green Business Credentials

As solar interest increases, this will be reflected in consumer sentiment. Companies with realistic ESG targets aligned with macro goals like the UN’s 2030 Agenda, are likely to profit from greater awareness and interest from eco-conscious consumers. 

Companies that don’t align with renewable sources of energy in the coming years may encounter a more difficult path, which could have financial and economical impacts on the efficiency of their business.

Solar power is here. It has been here for a very long time. It is only in the last decade we have advanced the technology in a way that it can be effectively used to capture and convert the sun’s rays to create tangible results for businesses.

Take the first step today. Contact us and ensure your business is one step ahead of the competition.

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