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Solgrid Applauds Improved Government Grants for Businesses Seeking to Install Solar PV Panels

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Solgrid commends the Government’s forward-thinking decision to improve grants for businesses aiming to install solar PV panels. This transformative initiative to be brought forward by Minister for Environment and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and Minister for Enterprise Simon Coveney, will revolutionise the commercial sector’s access to renewable energy.

The updated and amended grant scheme introduces a tiered structure, expanding the range of support available to businesses seeking to incorporate solar panels. Grants will range from €2,700 up to an impressive €162,500, enabling the installation of panels and associated infrastructure on non-residential commercial and public sector buildings.

Aiming to support installations at businesses of all sizes, the scheme accommodates lower-output systems suitable for smaller establishments like solicitors’ offices or dental clinics, as well as larger systems of up to 1MW that can be integrated into large factories or warehouses. It will also be available for sports clubs and community organisations. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of businesses can benefit from the advantages of solar energy.

When it Affects Businesses

The amended scheme will operate on an introductory basis to the end of 2023 following which it will be assessed and subject to the normal budgetary process into 2024/2025. SEAI will implement the necessary changes and will open for applications under the amended scheme guidelines in mid July.

Initially set to run until the end of 2025, the scheme may be extended to ensure a lasting impact. Previously, grants for solar panels were limited to a level conducive to residential and farm installations, typically allowing for about 16 panels. However, the new grants for businesses will enable significantly larger and more impactful projects.

By embracing solar energy, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, save on their energy bills, decrease reliance on traditional energy sources, and ultimately contribute to a cleaner and greener future. The timing of these amendments will help businesses successfully navigate a volatile energy price market, mitigate the impact of current high energy prices and support the local electricity grid. 

As a leading provider of SV solar panel solutions, Solgrid is ready to collaborate with businesses eager to take advantage of these grants. Contact us today.

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