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Q CELLS and the Power of Solar

q cells solar energy

The need for urgent action to address concerns about climate change has escalated in recent months. Traditional sources of fuel like oil and gas have seen price fluctuations on the global stage, and our dependence on fossil fuels has once again been called into question.

Alternative sources of energy continue to gain traction and technological innovation makes the adoption of items like Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels a much more common sight on Irish rooftops. Solar energy is a very attractive option for many businesses for a variety of reasons:

  • Support a sustainable model that helps the environment.
  • Reduction in overall energy costs.
  • Generate passive income.
  • Increased your property value.

At Solgrid, we understand the importance of tackling the issues of global warming and taking custody of our own energy production. Solar energy will be a mainstay in the dialogue between businesses and the Government in the years to come as we, as a collective, seek to reduce our carbon emissions.

For that reason, Solgrid has partnered with Q Cells – a leading global solar PV technology company.

As a part of Hanwha Group – a Fortune 500 company and Top 8 Business Enterprise in South Korea, Q Cells are strategically placed to lead the drive for innovation and become a force for positive change in the climate conversation.

As a certified installer of solar panels, Solgrid is excited by the growing trend of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that are becoming commercially viable and can demonstrate a return on investment. Solar products can produce tangible results for businesses, reduce costs, encourage energy independence and ultimately optimise our natural resource usage in a way that doesn’t harm the planet.

If you would like to learn more about how solar energy can transform your business, reach out to one of our advisors by using the contact form.

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