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Topform’s Solar Transformation

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Galway company Topform is a premier supplier of creative worktop solutions. Multiple recipient of Exporter of the Year, and prize winner of the overall SFA National Business Awards, Topform are no stranger to innovation. Despite 40 years of experience in supplying kitchen worktops and components to the construction sector, their business is forward-thinking and innovative in their strategic approach to energy usage.

The Goal

The company approached Solgrid to help deliver a key sustainability objective – design and install a large scale Solar PV system.

Topform Offices

The Solution

Our experienced team took ownership of the project, ensuring all checkpoints were attainable and objectives met in a timely and responsive manner. 

  1. Energy Advisory Services

A detailed energy analysis was conducted to gauge whether the investment in a PV Solar energy system was justified to supplement their energy requirements. We concluded that it fit the necessary criteria to move to the solution design stage.

  1. Solution Design

The Solgrid engineers designed and installed a large scale 232 kWp Solar PV roof mounted system across five different roof sections, covering an area of 1,104m2 . The installation consisted of 470 Q-Cells Tier-1 business class panels. These feature the highest efficiency rating in the market, in excess of 21.3%.

The installation is expected to produce approximately 193,348 kW hours of renewable energy electricity per annum for the next  30 years, around 21% of the company’s overall annual usage. 

  1. Energy Integration

Management of the tasks and integration between Solgrid and Topform’s energy team progressed smoothly throughout the project lifecycle. The world class solution was delivered on time and within budget with all quality standards met.

The Result

The costs associated with the manufacture of worktops will reduce significantly. The PV solar system will mitigate 72,176kg of carbon emission per annum. This was achieved by using 470 Solar PV panels and the expected payback will be under 5 years.

Topform’s green business credentials are further enhanced ensuring future production is buoyed by adopting a sustainable and cost-effective approach.

Key Metrics

  • 21% Electricity Bill Saving
  • 232kWp System Size
  • 470 PV Solar Panels
  • < 5 years Payback Period

Topform is one of the largest kitchen worktop manufacturers in the world. A solar installation of our size was going to be disruptive, but the thing that impressed me most about Solgrid was the professionalism of the people who installed our system and the human way they worked with us. We found them extraordinary easy to work with.

I needed a company I could trust to implement a sustainable energy solution. For me, Solgrid were the complete package of knowledge, quality and cost that I needed.

Paul Glynn, Managing Director – Topform Ltd

For more project information, download the Topform case study by clicking the button below.

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