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Why your company needs an energy strategy

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In light of recent economic inflation, geopolitical events and the subsequent surge in oil and gas prices, many businesses have been forced to address their energy consumption.

Traditional sources are now being re-evaluated as businesses, large and small, consider new ways to innovate, bring down their energy costs and develop systems to increase energy efficiencies.

A starting point for businesses who are eager to explore more renewable and sustainable sources is to develop a plan to assess their current energy consumption. When the management of energy assets is considered, it is possible to paint a vision of what is feasible and begin the task of reducing one’s carbon footprint. This will include trading alternative energy streams for more efficient models.

Energy Efficiency Business Plan

Constructing an efficient plan needn’t be a task managed solely by the business owners. At Solgrid, we offer advisory services which can assess your existing use of energy through the various systems and assets currently in place.

Broader goals can be quantified and we can determine your Net Zero ambitions and where your business currently stands on that path. Every plan should have a goal, and we can help make yours more realistic by advising what’s possible and within what timeframe.

Accurately measuring energy consumption associated with equipment and systems is achievable with our range of tools, measuring in real-time energy usage across multiple sites.

However, even the best laid plans go awry.

It is important to factor in the ‘unknowns’ when constructing energy plans. Newer, greener methods of capturing energy can emerge, costs of commodities can rise and fall on market sentiment, and wars can change the availability of certain raw materials which can impact the supply chain.

The best plans consider all aspects and by diversifying your sources of energy and seeking alternatives, businesses are no longer at the mercy of market elements – or at least, are better prepared for unexpected events when they unfold.

Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

Solgrid can deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to cater to your needs. There are many renewable energy solutions available and every business is different. Some companies are further along on their roadmap to a more sustainable future than others.

Our energy audits are compliant with the S.I. 426/2014, special investigations on industrial utilities and processes and energy reviews aligned to ISO 50001.

So whether the solution is Solar PV, Batteries, Battery Energy Storage Systems or EV Charge Points, we will find what fits for you and ensure that it makes ecological and economic sense.

Reduce Energy Costs

We are attuned to the latest trends and keep informed about the best energy saving modes to further reduce your costs.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to curbing these costs, and our team diligently work to ensure unnecessary expenses are minimised, bottlenecks are identified and that costly roadblocks can be overcome in the future. 

Cost-Effective Energy Solutions

The solutions we prescribe demonstrably show a significant return on investment. The path to greener needn’t be expensive. By developing a solid plan and analysing current energy usage and expenditure, we can design solutions that tackle current issues and future-proof your business for years to come, as more clients adopt a more environmentally conscious mindset.

Creating an energy plan and following it needn’t be something you do alone. You can learn more about how we can help get you started on that journey by contacting us here.

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